Holistic Health Coaching Packages

3 Months – 10 sessions

To unlock the true potential of coaching for your wellbeing and health, it starts by understanding your current state. The 3 month program provides guided assessments, foundational knowledge, tools and wellness practices to begin your holistic health journey.

You’ll leave the program with a clear and powerful wellness vision and a personalized set of lifestyle medicine tools to carry you onwards to achieving positive health changes.

6 Months – 22 Sessions

To see sustainable changes in our health, we need accountability to build positive routines over time. After understanding your current state, establishing clarity of what coaching can do for your wellbeing and health, you will get familiar with personal positive health changes.

The 6 month program will provide you the foundational tools to make your personal wellness vision a step closer. Each session builds on your current successes to encourage growth and sustainable change.

Ayurvedic Health – 6 months – 22 Sessions

Roadmap to your best life


by Savannah

“My favorite part of working with Tami was creating an enduring vision statement that now anchors everything in my choices. It’s so much easier to build new habits from that foundation. Tami’s depth of knowledge in psychology and easy communication style made it seem effortless to dig deep and get surprising results. Thanks, Tami.” 


by Heidi

“I had the pleasure of working with Tami over the course of about 7 weeks. I was extremely impressed with her ability to hold me accountable, while maintaining a humble attitude throughout. I felt as though Tami gave me the space to work through my vision on my own, and come to my own conclusions, while offering a solid set of questions that helped me reflect deeper into my daily habits. I very much enjoyed working with Tami and highly recommend her coaching to anyone, no matter what stage of life they may be in!”